Part Three - Urban Design Proposals
This report represents six weeks of intensive analysis, brainstorming, synthesizing, and form-making. However, it is only a start. It is hoped that the research and images contained in this document will provide the seeds for further investigation and exploration, and a means for envisioning the future of this urban corridor.

Part Three presents four team proposals for intervening in the corridor defended on specific ideological, economic, ecological, or social bases and in such a way that supports the broad goals and objectives of the studio.

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Team 1 - Urban Movement
Agnes Cerajeska, Preet Heer, Blair Guppy, Charlotta Davidson, Niko Vujevic, Jackie Chan

Team 2 - Sustainable, Liveable Hastings
Robert Cesnik, Anna Wennberg, Sarah Allen, Avril Woodend, Matt Smar, Peter
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Team 3 - Enriching the Intersteces
Heather Bretz, Song Ae, Erin Embley, Sejin , Karen Luke, Geralyn Hogan

Team 4 - Bold Interventions
Carmen Busch, Eric Villagomez, Vince Barter, Jay Dahlgren, Carl Johannsen, Sherry LaRue, April Anderson
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