This report represents six weeks of intensive analysis, brainstorming, synthesizing, and form-making. However, it is only a start. It is hoped that the research and images contained in this document will provide the seeds for further investigation and exploration, and a means for envisioning the future of this urban corridor.

The report, Scenes on Hastings was prepared in December 2001by the UBC Urban Studio - a joint effort of the UBC Schools of Architecture, Community and Regional Planning.

The report contains documentation of the four primary design projects underaken by the studio. In Part One, design teams provide an analysis of the Hastings Street from three interpretive frameworks: Myth and Memory, the Garden and the City, and Routes and Boundaries. Part Two shows how design teams used mapping as a means of making architectural proposals (architecture being understood in its broadest sense) at scales between one block and 100 square KM. Part Three presents four team proposals for intervening in the corridor defended on specific ideological, economic, ecological, or social bases and in such a way that supports the broad goals and objectives of the studio. Finally, Part Four illustrates more specific proposals for individual sites along the corridor, taking the team proposals, presented in Part Three, as a point of departure.

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Part One - Site Analysis
Part Two - Mapping
Part Three - Urban Design Proposals
Part Four - Final Proposals